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Controversial ideas to reforms Australia and prepare it for a bright future, brought to you by Vincent Marty.

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Welcome to my website. a website where I openly write about what I think should happen in Australia if we want Australia to be the lucky country and a World leader country.

 I invite you to peruse my ideas pertaining to Australia and the Australians, and to openly comments on them.

As you will read, my ideas are controversial at time but all are there to ensure that Australia become a country that will lead the rest of the world and that ALL Australians will then benefit from a such position.

The current political climate and the puppetry  that is presently happening in front of all Australians is just plainly  appalling. Our politicians have lost their ways and have lost the real reasons they have a job...to make Australia the best place to live for all Australians and not to make promises that they later withdraw has we always see it happening.

My intentions are to set the first stones of what is going to build the Australia of the twenty first century. An Australia , open to growth, an Australia that is going to be not only an example but will also be a World leader in Health systems, in agriculture, hydrology, use of renewable sources of energy and sustainability .

A strong Australia using technology and people skills will develop a new society that will be the envy of the rest world.

Am I a dreamer? Am I crazy? or Could it be that I am on the right track to really create the political revolution that will change Australia forever. Reformatting Australia to see the emergence of a New Australia with elected politicians who will be accountable but also ready to embrace the necessary changes.

I invite you to read....and decide ....

My voice can become yours...if you do feel I am on the right track, support my ideas , sign as a member here or keep watching this website for news on what is happening.

Thank you


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